Early Childhood

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Junior GeoLand Pattern Set

Children explore reflection by coloring in these unique designs.  Junior GeoLand set includes 2 vertical acrylic mirrors, plastic frame and 48 coloring pages in 12 designs.


Rainbow Pebbles

Children wi ll have much fun with this construction and early mathematics manipulative. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, and for counting, sorting and creative design. Set includes 36 pebbles in 6 sizes and 6 colors, and 20 activity cards in box.


Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set

Early mathematics and construction manipulative. Set includes 48 pebbles in 4 sizes and 6 colors, with 12 x 2-sided A4 activity cards.


Small Pegs Activity Set

Set includes 600 pegs in 6 bright colors, 4 clear peg boards, and 15 x 2-sided activity cards.


Nuts & Bolts Activity Set

Improve fine motor skills, as well as learning about colors, shapes and numbers. Set includes 32 nuts & bolts and 12 durable plastic cards. Card size 21cm x 24cm.



Learn sorting, counting and patterning with these geometric shaped colorful beads. Ideal for developing fine motor skills. Set includes 36 beads in 6 geometric shapes and 6 colors, 2 stands, 6 rods, and 10 x 2-sided activity cards.


Alphabet Bean Bags

Colorful 10cm bean bags offer many options for learning and play. Great for developing gross motor skills. 5 colors and 26pcs in a set, and includes cotton bag.


Bean Bags 1-20

Children will have fun throwing the bean bags while learning the numbers 1 to 20. Set includes 20 bean bags in 5 colors and a cotton bag.


Linking Cube Set

Set includes 500 blocks in 10 bright colors, comprising 400 cubes, 50 triangles, 50 quadrants, 4 base boards and 20 x 2-sided activiy cards in sturdy storage container. Cube measures 2cm square. SKU 12134C


Junior GeoLand

The Junior GeoLand mirror set will stimulate children’s imagination and allow them to explore symmetry and reflection with their creative designs. They will also want to look into the mirrors and see their own multi-image reflections. Set includes 3 vertical acrylic mirrors, one semicircular horizontal acrylic mirror, plastic frame with degree graduations, 30 pattern blocks, 50 GeoStix, and 64 x 2-sided activity cards.


Pony Mirrors

Set of 5 mirrors 5 x 15 x 3cm, flat mirror, yellow
15 x 15 x 3cm, convex mirror, red
15 x 15 x 3cm, concave mirror, orange
Triangle, 23.5 x 23.5 x 23.5 x 4cm, flat mirror, purple
Square, 23.5 x 23.5 x 4cm, flat mirror, blue


Flexible Mirrors

Children will have fun exploring themselves and objects with these safe flexible mirrors. Mirrors are easily flexed into concave and convex shapes, showing children a distorted view of themselves and other objects. 30cm x 20cm (A4 size) PC mirrors, 0.55mm thick, round corners, 3pcs. Mirrors may be safely cut with a pair of scissors to create many smaller or odd-shaped mirrors.