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Dough Tool Set

The complete dough tool set – includes 3 basic dough tools (18cm length), 16 cookie cutters in 4 colors and one rolling pin, 20 pcs in a plastic jar.


Wooden Rolling Pin Set

Set of 4, lacquered, wooden rolling pins with four different rolling surfaces to create hundreds of unusual textures. Each measures 21cm long.


Textured Rolling Pin Set

18cm with red handles. 6 textured rolling pins with turning handles, made of high quality wood, different textures to create patterns in clay.


Plain Rolling Pin Set

18cm with red handles. A set of 6 plain rolling pins with turning handles, made of high quality wood, ideal for young children to rolling out dough.


Wooden Dough Stampers

Robust wooden stampers with 4 different patterns. For use with modelling dough or making cookies. Each stamper measures 5.5cm in diameter and 11cm high. 4pcs in a set.


Paint Pots

This uniquely designed paint pot will prevent spills & keep paint stored safely away. A special brush holder on the lid makes this paint pot ideal for artists of all ages. Pulls apart for easy cleaning. 7 x 7cm, 10 colors, 10pcs.


Colored Paint Trays

Super tough art trays keep things neat and organized. These durable trays are suitable for carrying glue, paint or collage materials for each art group. Measures 400 x 300 x 30mm. Assorted colors in set of 4.


Small Pegs

Improve children’s fine motor skills by clipping the pegs together to make patterns or to build structures. Pegs may also be used to attach artwork to a line or other suitable surface. 6cm in length, 5 colors, 45 pegs, 3 x 3m laces, in sturdy storage container.