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Mathematics Manipulatives Reference Guide

This guide, written by Dr Paul Swan, is an essential reference for all teachers and educators to quickly understand the main math manipulatives.

Dr Paul Swan is an award winning author and mathematics educator. He is a well known author with books published in many different countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia and Australia. After a long career which has included working at the primary and secondary school level and 18 years as a University mathematics educator, Dr Swan started consulting to leadership groups and international companies to help improve the way that mathematics is taught throughout the world. He continues to lecture, write and develop games and materials to help children enjoy learning mathematics.
Edx is proud to be working with Dr Swan to bring you the best materials and teacher notes possible to help you gain the most from mathematics manipulatives.


Number Balance Activity Set

The Number Balance is an excellent hands on equivalence tool to show children number relationships and number operations. Set includes 10 x 2-sided activity cards.  Balance is 36cm long and 13cm high. Includes 20 weights.


Child Friendly Playing Cards Set

Two decks of child friendly playing cards with 4 colored shapes set in standard subitising patterns with 14 numbers (0-13), with a Dr Paul Swan book detailing many games to play.  Packed in durable folder.


Magnetic Five Frames

The five frame highlights number combinations to five, and helps students in visualising numbers to develop number sense.  Set includes 4 x magnetic five frames and 20 x magnetic 2-color counters.  An essential tool for the classroom.  Five frame measures 25cm x 6cm.


Five Frames

The five frame highlights number combinations to five, and helps students in visualising numbers to develop number sense.  Set includes 20 x five frames in 2 colors and 100 2-color counters.  Five frame measures 19cm x 4.5cm.


Junior GeoLand Pattern Set

Children explore reflection by coloring in these unique designs.  Junior GeoLand set includes 2 vertical acrylic mirrors, plastic frame and 48 coloring pages in 12 designs.


Rainbow Pebbles

Children wi ll have much fun with this construction and early mathematics manipulative. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, and for counting, sorting and creative design. Set includes 36 pebbles in 6 sizes and 6 colors, and 20 activity cards in box.


Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set

Early mathematics and construction manipulative. Set includes 48 pebbles in 4 sizes and 6 colors, with 12 x 2-sided A4 activity cards.


Small Pegs Activity Set

Set includes 600 pegs in 6 bright colors, 4 clear peg boards, and 15 x 2-sided activity cards.


Nuts & Bolts Activity Set

Improve fine motor skills, as well as learning about colors, shapes and numbers. Set includes 32 nuts & bolts and 12 durable plastic cards. Card size 21cm x 24cm.



Learn sorting, counting and patterning with these geometric shaped colorful beads. Ideal for developing fine motor skills. Set includes 36 beads in 6 geometric shapes and 6 colors, 2 stands, 6 rods, and 10 x 2-sided activity cards.


Alphabet Bean Bags

Colorful 10cm bean bags offer many options for learning and play. Great for developing gross motor skills. 5 colors and 26pcs in a set, and includes cotton bag.