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Nuts & Bolts

These easy-to-hold, large size nuts & bolts are made from sturdy plastic, durable for classroom use. Ideal for children to develop fine motor skills. 6cm, 4 shapes, 4 colors, 64pcs.


Skeletal Starter Geo Set

Construction set which will improve children’s fine motor skills, as well as develop their creative and problem solving skills. Build two and three dimensional structures. Introduces children to basic geometric shapes. Set includes 80 sticks in 4 sizes and 4 colors, 40 connecting balls in two colors, 24 quarter circles, and 20 x 2-sided activity cards, in sturdy container.


Brick Classroom Construction Set

Classroom construction set using the new Edx brick which is compatible with all Edx 2cm linking cubes. Children are only limited by their imagination in building bridges, animals, houses, robots, wind turbines. Set includes 300 x bricks (2cm x 2cm x 4cm) in 5 colors, 60 x 2cm linking cubes in 2 colors, 10 x open cubes, 50 x quadrants in 5 colors, 50 x triangles in 5 colors, 80 rods in 2 colors and 28 2-sided activity cards in sturdy storage container.


Attribute Lacing Buttons

Multi-purpose manipulative – sorting and classifying by attributes (shape, size, color, holes), sequencing and patterning, and learning geometric shapes. Set comprises 3 shapes, 2 sizes, 4 colors, 2 different holes, 48pcs and 4 laces in a
sturdy container.


Number/Dot Bean Bags

Colorful 10cm bean bags offer many options for learning and play. Great for developing gross motor skills. Number 1 – 10 in 5 colors and 10pcs in cotton bag.


Geo Pegs and Peg Board

36 stackable giant pegs in 6 bright colors, 3 shapes, with 21cm square base board and 3 laces. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, counting, sorting and
patterning. Pegs are with hole through the bottom, can be also used for lacing activities.


Pegs and Peg Board

Small, 5 bright color pegs. 1000 pegs + 5 white baseboards in a set. Each baseboard measures 16cm square.


Traffic Cones

22cm, 5 colors, 10pcs A set of ten colorful, water and soil resistant traffic cones.



Our Step-a-Stumps set consists of three different size tree stumps, small stump 22cm x 21cm, 10cm high, medium stump 26cm x 24cm, 11.2cm high, and a large stump 28.8cm x 28cm, 13.3cm high. Each of these tree stump shapes is made of durable plastic with soft non slip surface rings that allow the children to safely experience balance and gain their confidence as they jump from tree stump to tree stump. 6pcs in a set.


Step-a-Forest Set

Create your own forest playground.
6 stumps, 10 trails and 6 leaves, 2 nylon carry bags included.


Suprrr Scoot – Green

Our brightly colored scooters are great for developing children’s balancing skills. They are made of solid steel, hi-impact polypropylene with durable EVA foam tires.
Each scooter measures W20cm x L81cm x H68cm. Weight limit 50kgs.